Secrets From A Herbalist’s Garden: A Refreshing January Detox

by Jo Dunbar

After all the jollifications of Christmas and New Year, our livers and kidneys have had quite a lot to deal with.  Overindulgence in festive treats can leave us feeling a bit bloated, with dulled skin and less than sparkling eyes.  Whereas a detox is not usually an enticing idea in January, it can be quite a welcome practice, especially if it is delicious, convenient, and healthy. 

‘Freshness’ and a ‘clean sweep’ are the keywords for January, and in our diet, we look for those qualities too. Juices, smoothies, vegetable soups and warming salads are all welcome additions to our day, as are bracing country walks which unlock cramped muscles and work up a bit of warmth to burn off toxins and calories. 

Where to begin?

It is most important to make sure that our bowels are emptied easily and at least daily. When the bowels are clogged, the toxins which have been filtered by the liver cannot be excreted, and are reabsorbed back into the bloodstream.  This is clearly not helpful for our well-being. To encourage at least one full bowel movement each day, 2 dessert spoons of chia seeds soaked in water every day, will safely and reliably encourage a cleansing bowel movement. Chia seeds are very safe, but if you are on medication, it is best to take your seeds at a different time of the day from that of your medicines.

Our livers are really hard-working stoics. Not only are they a major organ of detoxification, but they also perform over 500 functions that contribute to the smooth running of our internal environments. Signs of liver stress only appear very late, so it is a good practice to lighten the load by eating foods that support the health of this organ. 

The kidneys are another major organ of detoxification, and with heavy protein meals, alcohol and possibly not enough hydration, they too have had to work extra hard over the festive period. 

Our skin and lungs are also organs of elimination. Toxins are released through the out-breath and also via the sweat glands, thus a hearty and brisk walk if possible, through clean country air, or at least in a city park, will work up a sweat and strong breathing.  More than that, simply being in nature calms down the brainwaves of our over-thinking minds, and reconnects us to the perfect electromagnetic fields of the earth.  Walking can bring us into a peaceful meditative state where our mind can let go of that which is no longer useful, and we can dream of what we want to bring into our lives. 

Here are some cleansing recipies to help you with your January detox.

Cleansing Tea:

A simple infusion of boiling water, with a slice of lemon, a few slices of fresh ginger, and a sprig of rosemary will help to flush the liver, washing toxins into the bowel. 

If you have a juice extractor, try the following recipe for deliciously refreshing liver and kidney detox:

  • 3 sticks of celery
  • 1 raw beetroot
  • 2 carrots
  • ½ apple
  • A 6 cm piece of cucumber
  • A slice of fresh lime, skin on. 
  • A small piece of fresh turmeric
  • A small piece of fresh ginger. 
  • A handful of fresh mint.   

Make a vibrant detox salad:

  • A plate of salad leaves especially rocket, watercress and chicory. (stimulates bile flow)
  • Add young dandelion leaves for extra tang (diuretic, kidney cleansing)
  • In the middle of the plant, place a large dollop of humus (high in anti- oxidant selenium)
  • Surrounding the humus, place four globe artichokes (those preserved in olive oil are fine), quartered.  (stimulates bile flow)
  • Then scatter over the whole plate some slices of freshly cooked beetroots (anti-inflammatory, high in nutrients, reduces blood pressure)
  • Garnish with slices of orange (reduces live fat)
  • Sprinkle generously with fresh coriander leaves (kidney support)
  • Top with a tablespoon of pistachio nuts (may help with weight loss)

A beautifully illustrated guide to providing safe herbal remedies for common health conditions, while restoring our comforting connection to the year’s natural rhythm. 

Secrets from a Herbalist’s Garden by Jo Dubar is available from 10th May 2022 and to pre-order now.

Talking About Therapy With Your Partner

By Karin Blak

The prospect of talking with our partner about therapy can leave us feeling exposed and vulnerable: admitting to needing psychological or emotional help can evoke anxieties of being seen as weak or letting our partner down in some way. We can worry that our partner will not understand or perhaps that they will leave us, believing we are not who they thought we were.

The truth is that in most cases our partner will already have noticed that we are struggling in some way and may even have considered the possibility that we need a little help. They might have seen a change in our behaviour or reaction in our daily lives. Perhaps we are more tired than usual, or we have lost a spark. Whatever is going on inside of us will be reflected in our reactions to the world outside of us. No matter how we try to disguise our struggles, something will leak through in our interactions with others.

How to talk with our partner about therapy

Talking with our partner about therapy may come as a relief to them as well as us. Our conversations will not necessarily consist of the intimate details of our therapeutic sessions, these are confidential to us as well as the therapist, but will be about our experiences of the therapeutic process.

The reason for us seeking therapy will be a good starting point. Talking about what we struggle with and how we experience this can be the beginning of our partner understanding our inner world. Getting to know a deeper part of us will help to create the supportive space that is so important for the success of therapy.

Talking about our fears and hopes for therapy as we prepare for the first session will be like reaching our hand out for our partner to steady us. It is quite normal to have worries about the first session or two, until we get to know the therapist and the usual process of sessions.

Once therapy is under way and we engage fully with the process, there may be times when we prefer to contemplate our therapeutic conversation before we engage with our partner about our experience, carefully selecting what we want to talk about. On the other hand, there might be times when we want to discuss the detail to clarify issues or to feel supported.

The benefits of talking

Talking about therapy will open the door to our experiences being accepted and understood in our relationship, creating a space where our partner can support us and we can accept their contribution. For most couples, this open and honest dialogue is more likely to bring the two of us closer together than push us apart.

Letting our partner in to our inner world while we are in therapy can open up an avenue to deepening our relationship. Both of us sharing emotional experiences and thoughts that bother or intrigue us, will contribute to a closer bond between us.

Of course, if we haven’t got a partner, or our partner is the very reason why we are in therapy, having a trusted friend or family member to talk with about our therapeutic experiences will provide us with an alternative source of that much needed support through therapy.

Karin Blak is a qualified couples counsellor, family therapist, and psychosexual and relationship therapist. In 2019 she received the East Midlands SME Most Dedicated Relationship Therapist award. Karin has worked at GP surgeries, inpatient units, Sure Start Centres, Relate, Connexions, and in private practice, and sat on the ethics board at the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapy (COSRT). She has spoken on BBC Radio and blogs on Medium about relationships and self-development topics.

Karin’s book, The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy is for those currently in therapy, seeking therapy, considering returning to therapy, or supporting a loved one through it.

The book is available now in multiple formats; order your copy here.

Read to Succeed: Watkins’ top picks for Expect Success Month

Did you know that February is ‘Expect Success Month’?

Expect Success Month is a time to focus on the most powerful secrets and techniques for creating the life of your dreams, but some of us may need a little help knowing where to start. Here are Watkins’ top picks for books you should read to help you succeed.

Success is Not a Fluke by Alon Ulman

Success is not a fluke. It has clear rules that can be learned. Alon Ulman, Ironman, bestselling author and renowned practical success speaker, shares how to gain immediate control of your life, and make any dream a reality in just six essential steps.

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Ahead of her Time by Judy Piatkus

An inspiring memoir by entrepreneur Judy Piatkus, who launched her startup at a time when mothers were not expected to be businesswomen and grew it into a highly successful international brand. The story of a pioneer of female entrepreneurship, values-led management and the rise of personal development publishing. 

Available from 13th April in multiple formats. Click here to pre-order your copy.

Dream, Believe, Succeed by Camilla Sacre-Dallerup

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup is a professional dancer who found fame on the BBC television show Strictly Come Dancing. Her revealing autobiography filled with practical, motivational techniques, giving the perfect insight into what inspires Camilla and how you can use the same techniques to change your life.

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Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford

Positively Wealthy is the #1 Amazon bestselling guide to manifesting abundance for those who want to redefine the meaning of wealth in their lives.This is a spiritual yet practical guide to succeeding with money, including daily steps to shift your money mindset and offering spiritual guidance to radically improve your financial and mental wealth.

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Positively Wealthy Journal by Emma Mumford

Perfect for fans of Emma Mumford’s best-selling Positively Wealthy, this accompanying journal is packed with hands-on tips and prompts from money journaling ideas to weekly check ins to live a happier, richer life. It’s the perfect journal to help you feel empowered to organise and take control of your finances while manifesting a life filled with wealth, purpose, happiness, abundance and peace.

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Do the Work You Love by Joe Barnes

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