Postage to the UK

There is a flat fee of £3.75 for all UK orders.

Do you send books internationally?

We do send out books internationally and a delivery cost will be added to every overseas order. If the book you request has an international edition and you place an order for delivery to the USA or Canada then we will send you that edition, please note that this may mean your cover will be different.

What formats are Watkins Publishing eBooks available in?

eBooks are currently available in the kindle and ePub format.
IMPORTANT: Please keep your emailed receipt as this contains the links to your ebook in case you need to access the files again, or if you change eReader

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a book delivered as an electronic file. eBooks can be read on mobile phones, PDAs, PCs, laptops, Blackberries or dedicated eBook devices. Once eBooks are purchased, they can be downloaded immediately, providing consumers quick and easy access to their favorite titles.

Can I print or share an eBook?

In order to protect copyrights in the digital environment, eBook files are encrypted so that they cannot be printed, shared or otherwise reproduced

Why read an eBook instead of a print book?

  • Portability: You can download several eBooks to your handheld for vacations and business trips.
  • Convenience: You can download hundreds of eBooks to your computer and create a library specific to your own interests.
  • Special features: eBooks have searching capabilities that print books do not.
  • Cost: eBooks are priced less than their print equivalent.
  • Instant gratification: eBooks are delivered instantaneously. You can search for an eBook, purchase it, and download it all in a matter minutes or even seconds.

I have an ebook question or I’m having problems accessing or downloading the ebook

Please email enquiries@watkinspublishing.com

My book has arrived damaged, what shall I do?

Please get in touch with us via one of the methods on our contact page

I work in the book trade and want to get in touch with your sales team

You can find all the contact details for our head office team, UK & overseas distributors and our export sales teams here

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