Fiona Robertson

Fiona Robertson, Publisher

Watkins and our cookery imprint Nourish are all about authenticity, authority, cutting-edge approaches to wellbeing and outstanding design. We’re looking for writers who have something new and interesting to say and who are sincere and passionate in what they do. You absolutely don’t have to be an experienced writer to publish with us – we love nothing more than encouraging new authors to develop their writing skills and get their message out to the world! 
From a personal commissioning perspective, I’m fascinated by the current resurgence in interest in folklore, folk tales, standing stones, herbalism, psychedelics, witchcraft, the occult, paganism, seasonal celebrations and access to nature, especially when these offer new and more inclusive ways of envisioning our communities. I believe our current era will be looked back as a golden era for alternative thinking and I want to publish the books that capture that! I’m also very interested in the wisdom of non-western cultures as expressed by voices from within those traditions.

Ella Chappell, Senior Commissioning Editor


I am inspired by any fresh, modern and progressive take on most mind, body, spirit topics, especially in the areas of witchcraft, tarot, folklore, astrology, dreams, crafts, environmentalism, popular science, nature writing and mental health. I am always on the lookout for underrepresented voices, especially in the areas of wellness and ancient wisdom. I am also interested in decks with beautiful artwork and a unique premise.


At Nourish we are looking for irresistible food with a serious good-for-you factor. “Good-for-you” can mean dishes with nutrition and health at their heart, vegan or vegetarian recipes that are good for the planet, or it can mean an opportunity to share food with your loved ones, or to cook for pure pleasure. I would love to discover cookbooks written about the food culture and recipes of an under-appreciated place. I am inspired by cookbooks with an unexpected angle, such as kitchen witchcraft. Most importantly, I am looking for something that makes me hungry and want to get into the kitchen and start cooking!

Lucy Carroll, Commissioning Editor

As a commissioning editor, I am seeking out powerful new perspectives on how we can live well and feel better. My interests lie in exploring the fields of mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle, and I enjoy collaborating with experts from these fields to uncover new insights and ideas. I’m especially eager to hear from underrepresented voices in these areas.
When it comes to adult non-fiction, I am especially excited to work with first-time authors who bring a unique twist to the table, and I have a special focus on books written for a mainstream audience of millennial and Gen Z readers. As for the children’s market, I enjoy inclusive, positive books that inspire young readers to be the best version of themselves.
Due to my personal interests, I’m particularly passionate about exploring projects that intersect with science, feminism, psychology, art and culture, and the natural world.

Adam Gordon, Editor of Cygnus Review and Commissioning Editor

I combine commissioning with editing the Cygnus Review magazine and running the Cygnus mail-order book club. This means I have a strong foothold in New Age teachings, books about healing and everything across the spectrum of what’s known as the Western Mystery Tradition. My interests include magick, Kabbalah, Tarot, fairies, divination and deep spiritual teachings. I feel very strongly about supporting voices that are disregarded by mainstream media and “the Establishment”. When I was much younger I worked at Watkins Bookshop and it was a deeply formative experience which made me firmly wedded to everything that’s alternative.
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