She Fights Back

Using self-defence psychology to reclaim your power


This empowering guide to psychological, linguistic and (as a last resort) physical self-defence will help women reclaim their safety, strength and self-confidence.


Coming 9th July 2024.


This is the book we wish no woman needed to read (but that every woman should)

Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread crises worldwide, with a third experiencing physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. To combat this, martial arts World Wide Champion Joanna Ziobronowicz presents this unique and realistic guide to women’s self-defence, which helps prevent violence through techniques derived from psychology and linguistics. It focuses on increasing confidence and assertiveness, working against societal norms which dictate that women make themselves smaller to stay safe, and showing them how to access their latent female power. It covers:

  • How to spot the red flags in potentially dangerous situations, including identifying potential attackers
  • An attacker’s mindset and how they identify and approach their victims
  • Understanding your rights in the eyes of the law regarding self-defence
  • The four points of action when confronted with conflict: retreat, deescalation, assertiveness, physical defence
  • Stalkers and harassment – how to deal with unwanted attention
  • How to shake off “good girl” conditioning
  • Embracing our power as women, including gut instinct as a forgotten female power
  • How to heal and overcome trauma – 5 strategies to help people cope in the aftermath of situations.Written in a relatable and empowering tone with plenty of personal anecdotes, case studies and line drawings to aid comprehension and engagement, this is the perfect book for anyone looking to further their understanding of how they can stay safe as women.

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