April 13th 2024 Hunter Liguore at Avon Public Library

Join author and academic Hunter Liguore on April 13th 2024 for a signing of her new book The Modern Art of War at Avon Public Library. This event will run 1-2pm GMT.

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Join us for an in-person, interactive author event with local author Hunter Liguore to celebrate the release of her new work, The Modern Art of War: Sun Tzu’s Hidden Path to Peace and Wholeness.

Aimed at a self-development market, this timely and fresh take on that perennial bestseller the Art of War challenges us to see the text not as a tool for warfare but as a guide to inner harmony and personal fulfilment.

Sun Tzu’s Art of War has been read mostly as a book of war strategies that teaches us how to beat our opponents on the battlefield. The Modern Art of War presents a new interpretation: it isn’t about conquering your enemies, devising strategies to overtake armies, or getting ahead against your competitors. Instead, the real art of war is the fight to control your mind and the thoughts that rule it. What if Sun Tzu wasn’t a general at all, but a spiritual advisor, and that the Art of War was written not for a king, but for the people?

Each chapter begins with the original text from the Art of War followed by an overview, applied practice, thought-provoking prompts, and a chance for your own reflection. This book will teach readers how to “conquer” or still the mind in order to reveal their own hidden teacher and recognize that the root of conflict (or war) begins within. By creating harmony within one’s self, readers can then carry it forward to help bring more peace into the world.

Hunter Liguore is an award-winning writer, professor, and historian, with a lifelong study in philosophy, specializing in the work of Sun Tzu. She’s studied with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, John Hume (North Ireland), and has undertaken critical research in peace and social justice studies. Her unique writing explores interconnectedness with all people, reciprocal relationships with the natural world, and kindness and empathy for all, without exception. She’s a writing professor at Lesley University and hosts peace walks in New England. Find out more at: https://www.hunterliguore.org/ 

Please register so we can set the community room up with appropriate spacing.

Books will be for sale at this event!

Co-sponsored by the Avon and Canton Libraries.

How To Train a Happy Mind Book Tour with Scott Snibbe

Join Scott Snibbe author of How To Train A Happy Mind on his book tour across the USA. Find all the relevant dates and links below:


Friday 15th March 2024 18:00 – East Bay Book Launch, CA

Join Scott Snibbe at California’s Gyuto Foundation to hear MacArthur award-winning restorative justice advocate sujatha baliga interview him about his new book, How to Train a Happy Mind.


Tuesday 12th March 2024, 18:00 – Scott Snibbe in conversation with Derek Fagerstrom at Book Passage

Join Scott Snibbe at Corte Madera Book Passage in conversation with Pop Up Magazine co-founder Derek Fagerstrom in an event co-hosted by the Tse Chen Ling Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies.


Saturday 16th March 2024 16:00 – San Francisco, CA

Join Scott Snibbe at San Francisco bookstore Medicine for Nightmares to hear Tenzin Chogkyi interview him about his new book, How to Train a Happy Mind. Medicine for Nightmares Bookstore: 3036 24th Street, San Francisco.


Wednesday 20th March 2024 19:00 – Book Signing, New York City, NY 

Join Professor Robert Thurman and Scott Snibbe at Tibet House in New York City to discuss How to Train a Happy Mind.


Wednesday 10th April 2024 18:00 – Santa Fe Scott Snibbe Book Talk

Talk and Book Signing with Scott Snibbe at The Ark Bookstore: 133 Romero St, Santa Fe, NM, 87501


April 17th – Workshop

In this livestream workshop, author and long-time student of Tibetan Buddhism Scott Snibbe combines ancient teachings with modern science to teach ‘analytical meditation’, training your mind toward kindness, generosity, humour and patience.


Friday 17th May 2024 19:00 – New York City, NY

Join artist, musician, and author Paul Miller (DJ Spooky) with Scott Snibbe at The Rubin Museum in New York discussing How to Train a Happy Mind.


Tuesday 21st May 2024 19:00 – New York City, NY

Join musician and artist Laurie Anderson in conversation with Scott Snibbe about storytelling and meditation at Tibet House NYC in an event co-hosted with Shantideva Buddhist Center.


 June 13th 2024 17:30 GMT – London, UK

A streaming video conversation with Scott Snibbe about How to Train a Happy Mind at London’s famous Watkins Books.


August 8-11th 2024 – 3 Day Retreat at Vajrapani Institute, California 

This three-day summer retreat with Scott Snibbe at California’s Vajrapani Institute offers a relaxed tour of How to Train a Happy Mind‘s eight meditations that help bring out your best qualities, deepen your relationships, and build a better world.


Purchase How To Train a Happy Mind here or listen to the audiobook narrated by the author himself here. For more information, visit Scott Snibbe’s website here.



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