Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

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The Complete Spiritual Toolkit For Transforming Your Life


A 52-week Journey of Self-discovery with the Lost Fables

Based on the seven Chakras within our bodies that aid the flow of energy, this beautifully illustrated oracle deck depicts fascinating fables to enlighten and inspire. The 49 card deck can be divided into seven groups to represent the main chakras. Read the cards, with the help of the comprehensive and easy-to-follow handbook, for guidance and uncanny divination. The book includes information on how to do basic one-card readings as well as more developed spreads.

In a year of self-discovery you’ll explore the fables revealed by angels to Tori Hartman, each one associated with a major chakra and each relating a simple but profound spiritual lesson. Through short daily bursts of activity, which include intention setting, journalling, solo and group exercises, and meditations, the fables will enable you to:

  • Expand your intuitive powers
  • Connect with others at the deepest level
  • Realize your highest potential
  • Create the changes you really want in your life

This toolkit contains:

  • The full text of Tori Hartman’s 49 angelic fables, lost for two decades
  • A 52-week programme with five days of activity per week, each requiring minutes not hours
  • Evolutionary exercises, chakra insights and guided meditations


In this short video, Tori Hartman explains just how the Chakra Wisdom Oracle can help YOU

Praise for the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

‘I ADORE these cards – they are immensely valuable for shifting perspective and creating profound new growth’
SARK, author, artist, Succulent Wild Woman 

‘The Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards are perfect if you want to really make changes in your life and are willing to work on blockages and beliefs…The book is a further delight. It packs just enough information on both the cards and the chakras so you could pick up the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards without knowing a thing about chakras.’
Lyn Thurman

‘I wholeheartedly recommend this deck, and I am delighted to add it to my collection of spiritual tools. It is incredibly inspiring, and a perfect deck for creative thinkers.’
Art Love Light

‘It is rare to come across a deck that is both simple in an almost childlike manner and profound at the same time… and I was nothing short of gob-smacked with how accurately the cards describe both my beliefs and my feelings…’
Seer Pathways

‘The cards… manage to get across tough and sometimes difficult messages without being scary… Several times I have drawn a card and not immediately recognised it as an issue I need to tackle, then after studying it, reading the fable and doing the meditation it has all made sense… Five out of Five for Originality’
A Bad Witch’s Blog

About Tori Hartman

Tori Hartman, author of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle CardsTori Hartman is a world renowned psychic, author and spiritual teacher. She is the only psychic ever interviewed by The New York Times and L.A. Business Journal for her work in business and conscious expansion. As the author of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, Tori continues to promote what has always been the key to her success; The spiritual empowerment, healing and education of people. She believes that in order to heal and manifest our heart’s desires we need to incorporate our family legacy to find our soul’s purpose and to live with a deep sense of belonging.

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