Amazing Women Cards



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The ultimate feminist oracle deck, this diverse and global collection of rule-breaking women share inspiration in four areas: life, work, love and learning.


Take courage, empowerment and advice from 45 rebel muses with this inspirational deck.

Meet 45 rebel women, artists, thinkers, politicians, writers and musicians from across the globe. Their weapons: power, art, science, literature and music. Most of them were stigmatized or misunderstood, but in the end – who wants to be normal? These women broke the mould and blazed a trail, and now you can too. These stylishly illustrated cards allow you to channel Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe, Nina Simone and other muses from around the world – they will give you their messages on 4 different areas: life, work, love and learning.

  • Marie Curie life advice? It is time to see what happens when you stop listening to others.
  • Nina Simone’s tip on work: If it doesn’t open, it wasn’t your door.
  • Love according to Lady Di? Beware: the prince of your dreams can steal them.
  • Frida Kahlo on learning: Don’t stumble twice over the same stone.

The accompanying booklet contains mini biographies of each woman, along with an important quote. There are also 3 different suggested card layouts to gain insight and inspiration.

Meet amazing women from across the globe in this ultimate collection of feminist inspiration.

The deck was created by Mara Parra & Victoria Benaim, joint CEOs of FERA publications, and illustrated by Josefina Schargorodsky.

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