The Witch’s Shadow Work Oracle

40 cards for wandering through the forest of your subconscious


A must-have for all witches and wanderers, this deck brings together Jungian psychology, witchcraft, timeless archetypes, fairytales, mythic landscapes, earth energies and folklore to gently guide you to discover the magic and power of the shadow self.


Coming 3rd September 2024.


Our shadow side is an essential part of our selves; understanding and working with it brings great strength, creativity and wholeness to life. With this deck you can ramble through the dark forest of your mind to find shining stars and moons in the shadow places. Pick a card and discover moon goddesses, bird souls, wolves, rebels, water spirits, archetypes, wild elements and magical creatures, all intertwined in 40 gorgeous watercolour artworks. Each artwork is full of many hidden meanings and associations, which help you explore your shadow self, psychologically and magically.

The cards are divided into four suits, or worlds:

  • the invisible world, which contains memories, the inner child, the subconscious, the chakras, the breath, magic and spirit guides
  • The dream world, full of dream symbolism, Jungian shadow archetypes, common dreams of the shadow self
  • The natural world, resplendent with forest, ocean, the moon, stars, animals and birds, caves, rivers and lakes.
  • The imagined world, the realm of folklore, fairy tales, myths, legends and wise women

The guidebook will go into more detail, with a description of each card’s main themes and messages, an affirmation, and an activity such as lucid dreaming, breath work, moon rituals, tree wisdom, art therapy, mandalas and so much more.

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