Watch Your Language

Why Conversations Go Wrong and How to Fix Them

The most accessible and practical book on the market about improving your personal and professional conversations, by internationally respected conversation expert Rob Kendall.



Watch Your Language makes good communication easy, offering a huge range of case studies, easy-to-absorb concepts such as the Bad Place and the Tangle, and a unique “talking heads” page design that dissects examples of problematic conversations. It explains exactly why our daily conversations go wrong, how to respond when they do and provides tips on how to stop them from deteriorating in the first place. Communications expert Rob Kendall draws on over 30 years of experience to reveal:

  • How to avoid conversations escalating into destructive arguments
  • How to prepare for and conduct challenging conversations
  • How to avoid defensiveness and emotional lockdown
  • How to read the warning signals that a conversation is going off-track

Short digestible chapters look at a wide variety of conversational scenarios, showing how to have rewarding and effective interactions with everyone in your life – from your partner, parents and children to your colleagues, boss and neighbours.

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