A Feminist’s Guide to ADHD

How women can thrive and find focus in a world built for men


An empowering, feminist guide to understanding and managing ADHD for women, written by a popular millennial doctor with ADHD.


Coming 8th October 2024




ADHD is a feminist issue. Historically, its impact on women has been understudied, leading to misdiagnosis, late diagnosis or no diagnosis at all.

This book delves into the unique challenges women face when living with ADHD, and offers guidance and support. Discover:

  • the pivotal role of gender in understanding the complexities of ADHD
  • the challenges of diagnosing ADHD in women
  • the difference between male/female ADHD subtypes and behaviours
  • the role of hormones in treating ADHD symptoms
  • common co-existing conditions for women with ADHD
  • practical tools for thriving with ADHD in day-to-day life
  • tips on embracing neurodiversity

Readers will find a wealth of information, including personal stories and case studies, presented in a bite-sized and accessible way. Whether you’re seeking information pre-diagnosis or simply looking to manage your symptoms, this book is a must-read for all women impacted by ADHD.

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