The Superluminal Universe

Redefining Consciousness, Time and Space

Régis Dutheil & Brigitte Dutheil

SKU: 9781786788795

First English translation of the French cult classic L’Homme Superlumineux which offers a mind-blowing account of human consciousness and the nature of reality that will change the way readers see the world.


The Superluminal Universe reveals, for the first time in English, the incredible insights of French quantum physicist Professor Régis Dutheil. Thanks to the development of particle accelerators, physicists are now able to propel particles (tachyons) at a speed close to that of light (300,000 km per second). At these extreme speeds, the laws that govern our universe no longer apply. Professor Dutheil’s work has shown that the theory of relativity is not incompatible with that of tachyons, provided that we allow for the possibility of a double reality: that alongside our sub-luminous universe, which follows the law of time, is a superluminal universe. This second reality is another universe, complementary to and symmetrical with ours, governed by superluminal space-time in which light moves 300,000 km/s to infinity.

In the superluminal universe, everything is instantaneous. It is possible to conceive of a superluminal being capable of moving from one end of space to the other. This parallel universe consists only of information and consciousness: all information (past, present, future) and the consciousness of all humanity. Professor Dutheil’s thesis joins the intuitions of ancient philosophers with current quantum physics to blow our current notions of time, of past and present, of the nature of consciousness, of birth and death right out of the water.

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