F*cked at 40

Over 1.3m engaged followers on social media love to hear Tova Leigh’s frank, funny, outrageous and often moving views on life. This updated paperback is filled with all that and more, with the addition of a new chapter on life in lockdown.


“I was bored, angry, tired and sad. I felt all alone, yet I had nothing to complain about. I had a good job, a husband who wasn’t shagging his assistant, three children who apart from being occasional a**holes were pretty good kids; a house, a dog and everything else we are told as little girls we should aspire to. But inside, I was restless. I didn’t want to be seen as ‘just a mom’. I wanted to be desired, to make someone’s hair stand on end and go crazy for me. I panicked, and wondered how many years I had left of being ‘f**ckable’ before everything starts going downhill?”

F*cked at 40 is a funny, raw and empowering mid-life crisis. Tova Leigh takes the reader along on her journey of rediscovering her identity after motherhood, encouraging women to break free from society’s expectations. When you find authenticity it’s like opening a door to the truth – it’s hard to go back. This is what prompted Tova to write this book for herself and for women like her, to say: HERE I AM.

This paperback edition of Tova’s bestselling memoir F*cked at 40 includes a brand-new, hilarious chapter on her life, revealing how vibrators didn’t just add a zing to life but also provided an income that put food on the table.

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