Move Yourself Happy

21 Days to Make Joyful Movement a Habit

A fun and highly accessible guide to transforming your mental and physical wellbeing through joyful movement from TV personality and celebrity dancer Dianne Buswell.



In this enriching 21-day programme, Dianne Buswell shows you how to make joyful movement a habit. Forget gruelling exercise regimes or punishing diets – Dianne’s unique approach nourishes your body and mind using her four pillars of health: rest, movement, nutrition and positivity.

Move Yourself Happy offers step-by-step explanations of core moves from yoga, Pilates and dance, including jive, tap and ballet. It also contains Dianne’s favourite recipes, like her delicious homemade chocolate granola or spinach gnocchi, as well as inspiring weekly mantras and journaling prompts, fun daily movement routines and mood-boosting lifestyle hacks, such as having a 5-minute kitchen disco and creating your own self-care sanctuary in your home. This book will transform your relationship with movement and help you feel happier, every day

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