Jez Hughes

Jez Hughes is the founder of Second Sight Healing, established in 2005 and based in the UK, a centre that offers a variety of accredited programmes of Shamanic Training and initiation from basic workshops to intensive Practitioner levels. He also teaches around the UK and Europe. He has worked full time as a Shamanic Healer for over a decade, treating thousands of people.

At the age of fourteen Jez suffered his own initiatory crisis following a convulsive fit. This experience pushed him spontaneously into an altered state of consciousness: revealing the awesome power and bliss of the universe. Having no context in which to frame this experience though left him battling ongoing mental illnesses and breakdowns for the next 17 years until he discovered shamanism and cured himself.

Jez’s work has been featured on BBC Radio, Channel 4 television in the UK and in an array of national and international magazines,

His passion is empowering people to reawaken their spirits, ancestors and the land where they reside, to heal the relationship between the human and natural world

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