Fish Can’t Climb Trees by Helyn Connerr

FishCantClimTrees.inddFish Can’t Climb Trees
By Helyn Connerr
ISBN: 9781780289236
On-Sale: July 2016
Prices: $15.95 US / $17.95 CAN
Format: Trade Paperback

In this technological era, with great emphasis placed on sharing information, people are in fact not communicating any better. Despite extraordinary advances in IT devices, social media platforms and Internet access, individuals are still disaffected and relationships are struggling as much as ever. The Mercury Model is an innovative system that addresses this issue. It accepts that each mind is wired differently, and identifies our individual natural master operating programme through its correspondence with the placement of the planet Mercury at the time of our birth. Interpretation, steeped in ancient astrological technique and research, is brought right up-to-date as a 21st century cognitive model. User-friendly graphics portray the concept of handling information in 12 different modes. If we embrace the Mercury Model, we can find common ground between us in order to build authentic, respectful relationships with people of all ages, from all nations, both genders and of all levels of capacity. The Mercury Model supports the position that the world needs all of us – one learning style is not better or worse than another, we all have mental strengths and blind spots; we each do best what comes naturally. The Mercury Model gives permission to be oneself, whether we embody the best characteristics of fish, elephant, penguin or puppy.

Helyn Connerr is no stranger to leading edge research. With a MSc in physical and hot atom chemistry, and having been involved in nuclear medicine research in Boston, Massachusetts, she brings a strongly scientific background to her astrological pursuits. She loves the original – and to find light-hearted ways to convey serious material. Helyn explores modern day expressions of mythic themes and archetypal patterns.