Your Mind Builds Your Body

Roger Snipes achieved physical perfection without performance-enhancing drugs – this book shows you how you can do the same. A sustainable plan to naturally get into the best shape of your life and change your mindset about fitness for ever.


Your Mind Builds Your Body by Roger Snipes is an exercise and lifestyle book for people who want a definitive and sustainable plan to transform their body and mindset forever, naturally.

The book provides specialized workouts to sculpt your arms, back, chest, delts and legs. It also includes nutritional advice and meal-planning guidance to maximize muscle building and fat loss.

Roger Snipes shares practical advice on effective biohacking tools to optimize your health and strength, whatever your age. He has shown the bodybuilding world what can be achieved when goals are made with a passion to succeed: and crucially that if the mind isn’t on board, the body doesn’t follow. It really is your mind that builds your body.

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