You Can Have an Amazing Memory

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The world’s greatest maestro of memory offers you the secret of a super-sharp memory – and all the life benefits that come with it.


Learn life-changing techniques and tips from the memory maestro

How much easier would your life be if you had a fantastic memory? Forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, jokes and facts would be a thing of the past, and you could have any information you wanted at your finger tips. In You Can Have an Amazing Memory, a Grandmaster of Memory reveals to you the methods he devised to bring him success in eight World Memory Championships

  • Enhance your life by expanding and sharpening your memory – forget forgetfulness now!
  • Learn foolproof techniques to memorize numbers, lists, speeches, birthdays, cards, facts, and names and faces.
  • Follow Dominic O’Brien on his memory journey – boost your memory power by plugging into his life-changing systems.
  • Perform targeted memory exercises and give yourself a glow of satisfaction as you measure your progress.
  • Learn how to build your memory to championship level – all at your own pace.
  • Use the power of improved memory to achieve new success in business, leisure, relationships and all aspects of personal fulfilment.


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