Witch in Darkness

Magick for Tough Times, Bad Days and Moments of Total Catastrophe


The long-awaited follow-up to Kelly-Ann Maddox’s bestselling Rebel Witch is here… Witch in Darkness explores loss, fear, grief and pain through the magickal lens.


Coming 1st October 2024




Guiding the reader through the concept of the Craft as a life-saving, soul-nurturing practice for dark times, this book overflows with inspiration and compassion for witches in difficulty. The raw and honest tone peels back the surface layers of witchcraft’s meaning and power, inviting the reader to use magick, ritual and readings to heal and grow. When disaster strikes, a magickal practitioner has endless tools to help them build strength and hope, and face the seemingly impossible. Witch is Darkness is packed with nourishing wisdom, including advice on:

  • Embracing an imperfect practice
  • Cleansing, grounding and shielding during tough times
  • Witching through extremes Identifying high-risk and low-risk practices
  • Energy management and low-maintenance magick
  • Dealing with loss, grief and despair using witchcraft
  • Magick and ritual for conflicts, dramas and relationship breakdowns
  • Addressing mental and physical issues from the witchcraft perspective

The book includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to make magickal action easier to execute. Discover tarot spread designs, journal prompts, words of power and excellent suggestions for shifting your mindset, alongside a great Q&A segment to clear up confusions and help you get unstuck.

Spiritual counsellor and witchcraft mentor Kelly-Ann Maddox has a decade’s experience in the magickal space, offering workshops, one-to-one sessions and hundreds of informative videos on her popular YouTube channel. In this book, she draws on countless conversations with witches from all walks of life, as well as her own life journey through mental health breakdowns, struggles with self-harm and eating disorders, and heart-breaking bereavement.

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