This is For You

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A fun, friendly interactive journal with 101 ways to take control of your life and make more time for you.


Are you are feeling frazzled from a busy work schedule? Overwhelmed by current events and the endless news cycle? Frustrated and stuck in a rut, or simply spinning too many plates at once? Then This is for You.

This creative toolkit takes you through 100 exercises to help you reframe your priorities, and find more time for you. With chapters exploring Body, Mind, Feelings, Relationships, Time, Work, Environment, Creativity and Change, every page contains a fun new interactive challenge and a new way of seeing your world.

Create a morning ritual to start the day in a meaningful way. Discover the true art of the to-do list. Learn to say “No” (or the equally important “Yes…but”). And identify the drains and radiators in your personal relationships.

Written a qualified psychologist and director of a successful people consultancy, this is a no-nonsense journal that will help you take stock, re-evaluate and give you small self-care steps that will have lasting results.

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