The Unplugged Hours

Cultivating a life of presence in a digitally connected world


TED Talks speaker and mental health advocate Hannah Brencher inspires readers to unplug from technology and cultivate a life of presence, connection and wonder.


Coming 17th September 2024



We engage with our phones more than¬†2,000 times each day… imagine what we could gain if we unplugged.¬†
Driven by a growing feeling of anxiety, and guided by her faith, Hannah Brencher set herself the challenge of reaching 1,000 digital device-free hours over a year.
This book contains everything she learned along the way. Rather than advocating we ditch technology, Hannah encourages small, attainable changes through a series of meditations on themes such as:
  • the importance of truly connecting with others
  • how insecurity feeds digital addiction
  • learning to be alone
  • appreciating the mundane beauty of everyday life.
This book will open our eyes to the wonderful things that can happen when we untether ourselves from our devices and live a life more present.

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