The Positively Wealthy Journal

SKU: 9781786784988

An accompanying journal to the Positively Wealthy book, packed with brand new tips and daily prompts to help the reader succeed with money, offering spiritual guidance to radically improve financial and mental wealth.


This journal is designed to be used over a year (undated) and includes monthly and weekly check-in pages to help the reader manifest money, organize and clearly set out budgets, and create a positively wealthy relationship with their finances.

There are journalling prompts and spaces for the reader to free write, scripting exercises and coaching/Law of Attraction activities. Practical exercises include monthly money goals, budget and luxury budget setting; journalling prompts around money and wealth; weekly accountability pages with money and mindset check-ins; affirmation suggestions and pages for you to create your own; advice on how to Mindfully Spend and how to incorporate this into self-love practice each week.

Using the journal and Emma’s guidance, you will:

· Deepen your connection to your inner spiritual force
· Get into the flow of the abundance of the universe and tap into its infinite source of love and support
· Feel empowered to organize and take control of your finances and to manifest a life filled with wealth, purpose, happiness, abundance and peace

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