The Hidden Beauty of the Microscopic World

James Weiss, the videographer behind the Journey to the Microcosmos YouTube channel, presents a beginner’s guide to the extremely small and utterly strange life that surrounds us.


A fascinating book from the videographer behind Journey to the Microcosmos 

A strange and beautiful world surrounds us, hidden from sight …

An unbelievable abundance of life flourishes on every surface of our planet. In every drop of dew, on every leaf, and even inside each one of us, invisible yet ingenious life thrives. James Weiss, microbe enthusiast and videographer, has spent thousands of hours peeking into this world, and has been astounded by the beauty he finds there.

With his captivating photographs and illustrations, James presents this beginner’s guide to microscopic life, from the most simple, single-celled organisms to complex micro-animals. Navigate the births, feasts, triumphs, tragedies and deaths of a cast of tiny characters, including the adorable water bear, the immortal Hydra and the dancing Desmid. Learn how these lifeforms work and what lessons they can teach us about our own existence, and discover how seeing the wonder of nature from a new perspective can change your life.

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