The Grief Handbook

A practical, empathetic guide to help sufferers navigate through the heavy fog of bereavement.


The Grief Handbook by Bridget McNulty provides guidance from someone who has been there. Bridget lost her mum suddenly, and found herself unexpectedly amongst the chaos of grief while bringing up small children. She couldn’t find the support that she needed, so she created this handbook. This is for those who are grieving: an honest exploration into the worst thing that can happen to you.

The handbook offers practical tools, including:

  • Your “laundry list” – bare essentials for how to get through the early days
  • Grief first-aid kit – Instant strategies to help you feel better. How to communicate what you need to those around you.
  • Interactive activities – Journaling space and written activities, which can make the handbook bespoke to the reader’s experience.

There is no “one size fits all” approach. Bridget McNulty shows us that the best we can do is understand our emotions, tune into our needs and communicate with those around us. The loneliness of bereavement can take its toll on mental health. This book provides support and guidance. Move through the stages of grief with self-compassion and emotional agility withThe Grief Handbook.

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