The Face Yoga Journal

SKU: 9781786785336

Transform your face, mind and life in 2 minutes a day!


The Face Yoga Journal by Danielle Collins is the first of its kind, from the best-known Face Yoga teacher in the world.

As it’s undated, it can be started at any time of year and then used for 52 weeks, supporting you through a year of Face Yoga practice, and encouraging you to take daily time out for self-care along the way. With Danielle by your side, offering a new exercise each week, plus a motivational quote, a weekly wellness hack and a chance to set yourself a goal and then reflect on your progress at the week’s end, you’ll be motivated to continue practising and reap the benefits of fresher, more vibrant and younger-looking skin. And it takes just 2 minutes a day to fill in the journal and do the Face Yoga exercise! You can spend more if you like, but just 2 minutes a day will work – and surely we can all spare 2 minutes for ourselves.

There are 52 brand new exercises in this journal along with a full explanation of what Face Yoga is and how to do it. You don’t need to own Danielle’s first book to get started, but if you are already a fan, you’re sure to enjoy the journal as well.

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