The Book of Forgotten Witches

Dark & Twisted Folklore & Stories from Around the World


A beautifully presented hardcover collection of folklore and stories of legendary and historical witches from all over the world, with over 80 stunning, spooky illustrations. The perfect gift for the witchy people in your life.


Coming 3rd September 2024




For many centuries the figure of the witch has haunted our imagination and our nightmares. There have been many attempts to quash our fascination with these wielders of forbidden powers, but all have failed.

We invite you now on a journey through a moonlit world, where every shadow tells a tale of magic, persecution and persistence. In this beautifully illustrated volume, discover witches real and legendary, who once terrorized, devoured, helped or empowered their communities, but who are now largely forgotten.

Ten chapters introduce ten different categories of witches, from curse-bringers, shape-shifters and survivors to revenants, nature witches and fate-turners. Most, but far from all, are women, and their stories come from across the world.

Each chapter is linked to a different card of the Major Arcana and to a stage in the alchemical process of turning base metal to gold. In this way, as you learn about the witches, you will complete a journey of self-discovery and transformation, gleaning wisdom and empowerment from the awe-inspiring magical practitioners of folk tradition and history.

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