The 7 Questions to Find Your Purpose

SKU: 9781786781130


In this groundbreaking book, Richard Jacobs explains that we each have our own individual purpose in life, but until we name it we can never really know what potential it can unleash in us.

Finding our purpose is about finding a way of living that truly expresses our core values about life. Living to our purpose and sharing the best of ourselves is what brings us our greatest peace, happiness and fulfilment, but to find your purpose you have to ask yourself the right questions. Answering is easy… finding out what the right questions are is the tricky bit.

7 Questions to Find Your Purpose offers an effective means of discovering and defining your own life purpose. Through answering a series of seven unique and deeply revealing questions, you can distil a statement that encapsulates who you really are and what is most important to you.

Once you’ve found it, this book will show you how to formulate ways to put your newfound purpose into action, as well as to develop motivational techniques to keep you on track for living a life that is entirely true to yourself. What’s more, the questions themselves – short, simple, easy and to the point – can be answered in one sitting.

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