Rewind Your Body Clock (ebook)

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Packed with science-based insight into what it really means to ‘age’ and reminding us that we have far more control over how young we feel and look than most of us realize, this comprehensive guide by natural health expert Jayney Goddard offers the ultimate blueprint for anti-ageing the natural way.

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“A wonderful book by a green goddess. During my own continuing journey of trying to understand aging and its reversal, it’s become abundantly clear that you must combine science with spirituality. In this fabulous book, Jayney does just that in a clear ‘up-to-date’ way. If you are into rewinding your body clock and becoming happier and healthier then you MUST read this book.” Jo Wood, former model, author, interior designer, environmental campaigner and lifestyle guru

“Jayney Goddard is the UK’s leading natural youth guru” Natural Health Magazine


Our attitudes towards ageing have undergone radical changes in recent years and many women now recognize that beauty and health come not from invasive procedures, fillers or expensive skincare brands but from the inside out.

This book is an expert holistic guide on the science of how to age well – not only physically and mentally but also emotionally and even spiritually – covering everything from nutrition, herbal medicine, good breathing, the best exercise, mental attitude, natural skincare, haircare and facelift techniques, hormonal balance, good relationships, the power of nature and the power of sleep. Each chapter includes easily implementable techniques which, while natural, are supported by solid scientific research, with a focus on the neurobiology of happiness and how to develop a ‘rewind’ mindset. All this is underpinned with biological age tests for readers to try for themselves and, at the end, a specifically designed practical programme called the ‘Personal 21-Day Rewind Plan’.

The result? Better skin, a leaner body, stronger bones, improved cognitive function, enhanced libido, more energy, improved immune function, increased resistance to degenerative diseases, more resilience against stress and much more. So, while we can’t change our chronological age, we can dramatically reduce and even reverse our biological age so that we have plenty more healthy, happy years to look forward to.

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