Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression

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An updated version of the groundbreaking 2012 book that was the first of its kind to explain how using the evidence-based practices of Positive Psychology – the “science of happiness” – can help people beat the blues and live a happier, more fulfilled life.


According to the World Health Organization, 350 million people worldwide currently suffer from depression. This book is aimed at anyone suffering mild to moderate episodes who would like to help themselves get better using natural anti-depressants. After all, happiness is not a spectator sport.

The text explains key strategies to help you not only overcome depression but also reduce the chances of it occurring or recurring. As such, it acts as both prevention and cure. As you practise the simple yet highly effective exercises, you will find your mood lifting, your confidence, resilience, positivity and strength growing, and your outlook becoming more optimistic. These strategies come from a combination of the author’s professional knowledge and practice, and her background as someone who has suffered from depression herself.

Miriam begins by explaining the core principles of Positive Psychology – what it takes to feel good, function well and flourish. She then goes on to focus on how the scientifically-grounded techniques of Positive Psychology, such as learning to savour positive events, practising gratitude, playing to your strengths and learning optimism, can help to prevent visits from the dreaded ‘black dog’ and, ultimately, allow the sun to shine on your life once more. 

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