The Path to Healing is a Spiral: One woman’s journey to emotional healing

A practical guide to emotional resilience in modern life, managing anxiety and finding confidence



From screaming in a grey industrial estate, to sobbing along to Elton John with a room full of strangers, to gong baths (disastrous), reiki and angel healing, Anna McKerrow has tried everything to make sense of her grief. And somewhere on her long journey from shamanic healing to past life regression, witchcraft and BodyTalk, she found her way to real self-understanding and healing.

In this book Anna candidly, and often hilariously, shares her experiences and opens the door for anyone curious about alternative therapies to sample them with her. You will learn that being open to new things can help you acknowledge your pain, understand its root causes and learn to accept your feelings – and along the way discover non-traditional methods to heal your own emotional trauma.

Content warning: suicide, child illness, depression, bereavement, explicit medical detail

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