Nature’s Remedies for Stress and Fatigue

Recovering from Burnout.


Medical herbalist Jo Dunbar follows up her Secrets From a Herbalist’s Garden with this up-to-date look at stress, how it makes us feel diminished and exhausted and simple holistic remedies that we can all use to feel better.


Coming 13th August 2024




In recent years, rising stress and anxiety have led to serious health problems like adrenal fatigue and burn-out, depleted immune responses to viruses, as well as the complex condition known as long Covid. In this accessible book, Medical Herbalist Jo Dunbar draws on over twenty five years of experience to share her expertise in treating these illnesses.

Unfortunately, mainstream medicine often finds it difficult to offer anything except medications for those struggling daily with
exhaustion and stress. Building on the success of her first book, Secrets From a Herbalist’s Garden, Jo Dunbar’s healing
approach involves nutrition, herbs, exercises, meditation, and lifestyle changes.

In this extensive book, Jo addresses everything from blood sugar levels to healing herbs for post-viral fatigue and sustainable living – to keep our vitality strong whilst utilizing affordable, accessible food and herbs to aid recovery. Her holistic approach encourages personal adaptation and integrates mainstream medicine, showcasing Jo’s profound grasp of cutting-edge research.

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