Living Tantra: A Journey into Sex, Spirit and Relationship

A practical manual on Tantra in all its aspects from one of the UK’s leading Tantra teachers. It’s firmly rooted in the ancient Indian tradition but the book shows via many practical exercises how Tantra can be applied to every aspect of our daily lives.


Tantra originated in India many centuries ago but it’s uniquely placed to help people use real life as grist to the mill for spiritual transformation. The purpose of the book is to articulate what Tantra can be in our modern times and how it can be applied to all aspects of our everyday life. Traditionally Tantra was a path that brought spirituality out of the caves and monasteries and into the life of householders. It didn’t seek to separate sexuality and spirituality and to force people to make a choice but rather to integrate the life of family and relationship with spirituality. This includes sexuality but it’s not all about sexuality, and this is a rare book that applies Tantra to every aspect of life.

Living Tantra is a body of work that aims to bring the essence and core message of tantra into relevance for our contemporary life and society as a path of spiritual growth and human development. It’s based on her legendary workshops which book up via word of mouth and attracts attendees from across Europe and North America, especially Sweden, Austria, USA, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic. The exercises here come out of these workshops and mean that we can benefit from this work in our own homes.

The principles of Living Tantra are to use all life, all experience to learn and become more conscious of ourselves and the world around us, to care more for ourselves, each other and the world and to develop greater compassion. Tantra includes everything. It is “the weaving together of all that is”.

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