Kick-Ass Creativity

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An Energy Makeover for Artists and Creative Professionals

‘Candid and good-humored, it is a bright lantern on the creative trail.’ Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way 

With tight budgets and a struggling economy. the need for high-end creatives to make their impact with verve and imagination has never been more pressing – this energetic and inspirational guide will jump-start your creative process, putting you at the very top of your game.

Creativity has penetrated nearly every aspect of our working and home life, especially in the current financial climate. Whether you are cooking delicious budget-friendly meals at home or writing a newsletter for your company’s mailing list, you need to be working at your creative best.

In this book Mary Beth Maziarz offers a concrete program for helping you release and develop your creative potential. If you incorporate these teachings into your life, you can be not only creative, but ‘kick-ass creative’. The author provides a framework full of fun and practical tips for kick-starting the creative process and getting you to up to the necessary level of ‘kick-ass’ self-confidence, originality and pizzazz.

Topics included are:

  • Energy and what it has to do with art.
  • How to connect with your deepest motivations, desires, and feelings.
  • Concrete tips about time management.
  • How to get rid of those flimsy excuses that block your creative output.

Kick-Ass Creativity offers the tools to move past the rhetoric and procrastination and start building a dramatically more fun, creative, fulfilling life.

‘Maziarz helps creative types attack their roadblocks from multiple angles… [her] encouraging tone and practical, common sense approach should resonate even with skeptics.‘ Publishers Weekly

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