How to Find Your Spirit Animal

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Discover how the power of animals can illuminate and transform your life

Discover how the power of animals can illuminate and transform your life in this inspiring book. Spiritual teacher David Carson explains how to identify the animal that best meets your spiritual needs, and provides a range of meditations, visualizations and rituals to help you explore more deeply the gifts of your animal guide.

In tribal communities around the world, animals are recognized and honoured as spiritual guides and companions. Shamanic healing channels the wisdom of animals as a route to inner harmony, fulfilment and strength, and many Native American societies encourage their younger members to go on a vision quest to reveal the animal that could offer them most assistance and direction.

In this book, animal spirits expert David Carson shows you how to make contact with your own animal helper, explaining that the most helpful guide for our spiritual development can often be the most unexpected. Perhaps we need to learn courage from the fearless grizzly bear or be challenged by the playful monkey. Maybe we need the eagle’s sharp eyes for accurate discernment or to learn patience and perseverance from the ox. Whether you need to overcome a fear or to find your true destiny, there is an animal that can offer you deeper insight

Packed with exercises and rituals you can perform at home, this book is the perfect primer for those seeking access to the wisdom of the animal kingdom.

About David Carson

David Carson was raised in Oklahoma Indian Country and is of Choctaw descent. He is the author of Crossing into Medicine Country: A Journey into Native American Healing and is co-creator of the bestselling Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power through the Ways of the Animals, which explains how to receive guidance from animals.

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