Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: 60 Challenge Cards to Build a Strong Resilient Mindset

SKU: 9781786786272

Following on from the bestselling How to be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, this personal-growth card deck pushes users outside their comfort zones with 60 fun yet demanding challenges.



Following on from the bestselling book How to be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, this personal-growth card deck is packed with weird and wonderful challenges to develop your mental and physical strength. By forcing you to face up to negative emotions such as embarrassment, fear and boredom, the challenges make you grow as a person (whilst having a lot of fun in the process).

Learn to spin a pen like a pro … don’t speak for an entire day … cover your hands and face in honey and don’t touch anything for an hour. Or maybe you’d like to create the world’s weirdest sandwich … or set your personal best doing push-ups … or go for a backward walk in public …

The challenges have been designed to start building your confidence and get you trying new things straightaway. The more you complete, the more you’ll build momentum to throw at epic adventures of your own devising.

There’s an accompanying booklet that explains how to use the cards and how to take things further by creating your own challenges. The deck will appeal to all of those who love How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, as well as a wider audience of motivational card users and personal development enthusiasts.


Get ready to leave your comfort zone!

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