Conversations With Einstein

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Imagined by one of the world’s leading experts on Einstein, this fictionalized conversation presents the essential biography of history’s most famous mathematician


By power of thought alone, Albert Einstein gave us a fresh conception of the universe. He showed us that space and time are elastic – shrinking or expanding, speeding up or slowing down, depending on your movement.

Beginning with an inspiring foreword by eminent Professor of Mathematics Sir Roger Penrose, the book is then divided into two parts: a biographical essay that provides a concise overview of Einstein’s life, achievements, personal loves and public controversies; and a Q&A dialogue based on rigorous research and incorporating Einstein’s actual spoken or written words whenever possible. Research physicist Carlos Calle brings Einstein to life through meticulously researched biographical interpretations of Einstein’s revolutionary mathematical work.

Relax and chat with this genius as he tells you about his work on relativity, his quest for a grand unifying theory of the cosmos, and personal matters – from the pleasures of sailing and music to his anxieties about the nuclear bomb he had helped unleash.

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