Champion: Everything You Need to Be Your Greatest You

A fun and practical kids’ guide to being happy and successful, with 10 evidence-based codes to live by, exercises and advice for parents.


Everyone can achieve extraordinary results – let us show you how.

Sometimes getting where we want to go in our hobbies, at school or in our personal life can seem impossible. Education expert Michal Solomonovich and life coach Alon Ulman are here to teach you the practical steps you can take to become the best version of yourself in everything you put your mind to. You will discover:

  • 10 evidence-based life codes, like Face Your FearsAnything You Want to Get, Give and Find Your Tribe
  • Entertaining activities, including watching The Karate Kid and creating your own movie clapperboard
  • Handy chapter summaries to recap on what you have learned
  • An illustrated interior full of inspirational quotations.

With a note to parents advising them on how they can support you on this journey, Champion! contains everything you need to become your greatest you!

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