How To Get Your Teenager Out Of Their Bedroom

The ultimate tools and strategies for understanding, connecting with and being there for your teenager


Be the parent your teenager needs.


Parenting coach and expert in child development Anita Cleare shares her practical answer to the most common question she receives from parents: how to deal with their withdrawn teenager, with tried-and-tested methods that really work.


Coming 10th September 2024




There are lots of reasons teens retreat to their rooms. They might be absorbed in gaming, obsessed with digital social lives, feeling self-conscious or low, or they might just be asserting their independence. The problem is, if your teen won’t talk to you, it’s very hard to know what’s going on or how best to help.

How to Get Your Teenager Out of Their Bedroom offers concrete tips on how you can maintain a good relationship and support your teen’s wellbeing despite that often-closed bedroom door, including:

  • a focus on real-world wins and small everyday actions to build connection.
  • the blueprint for how to get a reluctant teen to spend time with you (and why it really matters that you persevere)
  • tips on how to communicate effectively (without nagging!)
  • strategies for tackling tricky issues like compulsive gaming, obsessive phone use and social anxiety
  • an honest look at the difficult emotions that parents experience when our child turns into a teen and starts pushing us away.

The presence of a caring, supportive adult is the single most important factor in helping teens grow into happy and successful young adults. This book will help you be the parent your teenager needs so you can both rise to the challenges of the teenage years.

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