Chakra Meditations

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A beautiful full-colour deck of chakra meditation cards, with accompanying booklet, that skilfully guides readers in how to harness the power of their own subtle energy to bring more joy, calm and contentment into their lives.


“This is a set of meditations that could permanently change how you see yourself and the world around you; marvellous!” Phenomena Magazine

In Indian healing philosophy, chakras are hubs for the vital energy that flows through our body. If the subtle energy at these centres becomes blocked, both emotional and physical well-being can suffer.

This vibrant deck includes 49 cards that offer a range of ways to meditate on, and therefore tune into, the seven main chakras that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head – restoring balance and optimal well-being:
• root, or muladhara, chakra – to promote stability and groundedness
• sacral, or swadhistana, chakra – to increase flexibility, flow and creativity
• solar plexus, or manipura, chakra – to build willpower and enable transformation
• heart, or anahata, chakra – to enhance love, joy and the capacity to reach out to others
• throat , or vishuddha, chakra – to encourage self-expression and new ideas
• brow, or ajna, chakra – to develop wisdom, intuition and seeing the bigger picture
• crown, or sahasrara, chakra – to bring about more freedom and connection

Each set of seven cards is illustrated with an inspiring, full-colour image symbolic of that chakra. And an accompanying booklet offers guidance on both the far-reaching power of chakra meditation and on how to choose the best card(s) to work with when. An invaluable companion for anyone seeking to tap into their full energetic potential.

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