Brave, Beautiful and Baring It All

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In this bold, compassionate title, yoga teacher, wellness trainer and social media sensation Rhyanna Watson – who has come out the other side of a lot of personal trauma both stronger and happier – explores how to strip back your protective layers, feel brave and beautiful again, and make the rest of your life the best of your life.


Rhyanna’s nurturing yet empowering text encourages us to get out of our heads and more into our bodies and hearts in order to reconnect with both ourselves and others – to feel less judged, more accepted; less flawed, more worthy; less insecure, more confident; less scared, more loved.

As the title suggests, the key message is that it’s only when we’re willing to be brave, open our minds and hearts, get fit from the inside out, and both ‘bare’ it all (allowing ourselves to be vulnerable when appropriate) and ‘bear’ it all (accepting both the good and the bad with patience and grace) that we will be able to feel our most beautiful and live our best lives.

Being brave doesn’t mean we have to jump out of planes or fight lions! It simply means being open enough to really get to know and love ourselves, stripped of all societal pressures and  expectations. And when it comes to being beautiful, well, we’re all beautiful in our own ways, so it’s just about accepting our own truth and embracing and believing in ourselves.

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