Any Ideas?

SKU: 9781786780218


Tips and Techniques to Help You Think Creatively.

Every great creation starts with a good idea, but where does that special spark come from? How do you recognize the ideas that are worth taking further? And what do you do when your mind goes blank? Ideas are fragile, they need to be nourished, encouraged and shaped. This is a book about how to have ideas and how to nurture them so that you can:

  • think more creatively
  • overcome ‘idea killers’
  • solve problems more effectively on your own or in a team
  • evaluate, hone and pitch your ideas
  • help your ideas become a reality
  • open your mind to new possibilities and experiences

Packed with tips, puzzles and practical techniques, Rob Eastaway will show you that in order to have a good idea you need to have lots of ideas.

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