A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure: Sheriff Updown Turns the Bad Guys Good

SKU: 9781780289588


Combining storytelling with yoga routines from YouTube phenomenon Cosmic Kids, this is a uniquely fun and interactive way of delivering yoga to kids in book form.

The hugely successful Cosmic Kids YouTube channel helps children discover yoga by joining presenter Jaime on monthly yoga adventures, each one a story featuring a loveable animal character that achieves something amazing. Aimed at 3 to 6-year-olds, the Cosmic Kids yoga books offer children a chance to take the yoga more slowly than is possible in a fast-moving video, to spend more time in their favourite poses, and also to enjoy reading or listening to the story. Each book is themed around a specific area of wellbeing. This is an adventure set in the Wild West with Sheriff Updown, the rabbit who has to take on Rex the alligator, Miss Katie Coyote, Brainshake Rattlesnake and the other bandits. Luckily, he finds a secret weapon: a Zappy Happy that turns bad guys into good ones. We find that our inner Zappy Happy can make all sorts of scary situations seem fine after all: it’s all about staying calm and thinking positively. The story concludes with a relaxation and some affirmations to reinforce the message of the book. With bright illustrations, the books are designed to mirror the Cosmic Kids look, and to allow children to get to know a range of characters from the Cosmic Kids videos. There’s also information at the back to help parents and teachers introduce children to yoga, even if they don’t practise yoga themselves.

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