A Brief History of Love

What Attracts Us, How We Fall in Love and Why Biology Screws it All Up

A fascinating exploration of the truth behind love, attraction and sex combining humour, science and practical advice from a biologist specialising in hormones and genes.



Many have studied it, written about it and even died for it and yet, it appears, we are mostly blind to the essence of love. Dr Liat Yakir takes us on a fascinating journey through the evolution of love in history and in modern times, showing the importance of hormones, neurons and genes that dictate who we’ll fall in love with and who we’ll reject.

Rooted in scientific research and funny anecdotes, A Brief History of Love explores:

  • Why we find it so hard to find fulfilling relationships on Tinder
  • How many potential partners do we meet before finding “the one”
  • Whether we are destined to be monogamous?
  • The scientific recipe for reinforcing stable marital relationships

With an excess of choice in the Digital world of match-making, and societal pressure to confirm to our biological clock, it is more important than ever to understand the science of love – the reasons behind our choices, how to select the right partner and how to preserve our love over time.

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