Tara Fraser

Tara Fraser was born in London and educated in London and Cornwall. She trained as a dancer at the Urdang Academy in Covent Garden and later gained a BA hons in Performing Arts from Middlesex University.

Her interest in movement led her to develop her early childhood connection with yoga. She studied yoga in a number of traditions, most notably Viniyoga and she subsequently trained as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and went on to open one of London’s first independent Yoga studios, Yoga Junction in 1999. She gave hundreds of people their first introduction to studying yoga through the BWY Foundation Course and trained teachers for the BWY (as a DCT) for over 18 years at the studio.

Her first book, Yoga for You was published in 2000 by Duncan Baird Publishers. This was followed by Astanga Yoga for You, Live Better:Yoga, Yoga Bliss and The Easy Yoga Work Book. All these titles are now published under Watkins. These books have been translated into over 20 languages.

She has also published with Mark Singleton a chapter on “T.Krishnamacharya, Father of Modern Yoga” in Gurus of Modern Yoga (OUP, 2013), edited by Ellen Goldberg and Mark Singleton and articles for Yoga magazines.

In 2017 Tara qualified as a Rolfer (Structural Integration) with the European Rolfing Associations (BARSI) and Equine Structural Integration with Joseph Freeman. She is now an Advanced Rolfer working in Devon.

Tara co-directs Yoga Junction, now in its 25th year, with her partner Nigel Jones while continuing to teach and lecture nationally and internationally on Rolfing and Yoga. In 2018 they opened a retreat space at their home in Devon, Ashley Court where they live with their 4 children.

Find out more at www.tarafraser.co.uk 

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