Skip Archimedes

Ex-gymnastics champion Skip Archimedes is an empowering and truly transformational holistic health coach, high performance mentor and motivational speaker. Having initially overcome serious illnesses, a family break-up, obesity and depression to become British Gymnastics Champion, he then broke his back during a training session. Specialists said he would never walk again, but, unwilling to accept this, Skip went on a mission to find a cure. With intensive research, he learned to walk again, and within 18 months had returned to full fitness and regained the championship. However, he now had a wealth of knowledge about health and vitality from the best in the business,  both East and West, and, most importantly, the power of the right mindset. Now 44, he dedicates his life to helping people worldwide step into this same positive space, overcoming their health issues, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, and living ‘forever young’ – with optimum health, energy and vitality.

For more information, go to: http://skiparchimedes.com/about-skip/

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