She Fights Back: Using self-defence psychology to reclaim your power

Narrated by: Joanna Ziobronowicz
Length: 6 hours 13 mins

This empowering guide to psychological, linguistic and (as a last resort) physical self-defence will help women reclaim their safety, strength and self-confidence.

An empowering call for women to nurture their inner warrior spirit.

Women are taught from childhood to be “good” — often at the expense of the assertive and confident behaviours that will help keep them safe. Defence expert and Jiu-Jitsu world champion Joanna Ziobronowicz shows us how to combat these people-pleasing tendencies, spot red flags earlier and cultivate innate mental and physical strengths which can prevent or de-escalate violence. Discover:

  • Tips on breaking free from “good girl” conditioning
  • How to trust your intuition, spot warning signs and develop awareness
  • Advice on staying calm in high-stress situations
  • How to use body language to ward off unwelcome approaches
  • Tools to improve confidence and assertiveness
  • How to use your speech and emotional intelligence for de-escalation
  • 10 last-resort physical strategies for common attack scenarios
  • How to heal from violence-related trauma

Joanna’s personal stories, alongside the voices of other women with all-too familiar experiences, strengthen this empowering call for women to nurture their inner warrior spirit and fight back. If you’ve ever felt unsafe at home, work or out and about, this book is for you.

©2024 Joanna Ziobronowicz (P)2024 Watkins Publishing

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