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Free audiobooks? Where do I get one?

Here at Watkins, we have been avidly expanding our audiobook list. So now, not only do our books look great – they sound great, too!

To celebrate our growing audio list, we are offering you the chance to listen to one of our audiobooks – for free!

Pick one from any of these excellent titles:

  • Wilder Journeys – ed. Laurie King & Miriam Lancewood (narr. Marnie Chesterton, Tachia Newall, Nneka Okoye)
  • The Face Yoga Journal – Danielle Collins (narr. Danielle Collins)
  • The Happy Menopause – Jackie Lynch (narr. Ali Vowles)
  • A Spell a Day – Tree Carr (narr. Tree Carr)
  • Signposts of the Spiritual Journey – John Siddique (narr. John Chancer)
  • Hurt, Healing, Healed – Emma Mumford (narr. Emma Mumford)
  • Notes on the Art of Life – Haim Shapira (narr. Richard Lyddon)
  • Soberish – Kayla Lyons (narr. Kelly Burke)
  • How to Train a Happy Mind – Scott Snibbe (narr. Scott Snibbe)
  • Thrive – Richard Sutton (narr. Ben Deery)
  • A Brief History of Love – Liat Yakir (narr. Anu Anand)
  • Burn a Black Candle – Dee Norman (narr. Laurel Lefkow)

To get your hands on a free copy, simply fill out the form telling us which of the audiobooks you would like to receive. We will then email you back with a code you can use on Audible to access your free copy.

So, what are you waiting for? Tune in and expand your mind today!

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