Become the Force

Become the Force

9 Lessons on How to Live as a Jediist Master
By: Daniel M Jones, Theresa Cheung
ISBN: 9781786780904
Pub Date: 11/16/2017
Edition bind: Paperback
Format: 6 x 9-1/5
Price: $16.95 US/ $18.95 CAN
Daniel M Jones founded the Church of Jediism in 2007, and it now has over 500,000 members around the world. This is the book his fans have been waiting for. In it, Daniel outlines the Jedi perspective and provides practical tools for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how to use the Force in everyday life. A metaphor for the universal life energy that connects us all, the Force can be both light and dark, good and bad. Now, more than ever, it is our responsibility to overcome the dark side. This book does not aim to convert, but to inspire its readers to live a life of meaning and purpose according to the universal spiritual teachings of “the way of the Jedi”.
It will include:

Daniel’s own fascinating spiritual journey and how overcoming personal struggles has awakened him to his purpose.
A comprehensive toolkit that will allow anyone to genuinely embrace “the way of the Jedi” and use Jedi teachings to empower mind, body, heart and spirit.

Compelling reasons why the spiritual teachings of Jediism are relevant today.

A comprehensive explanation of Jediism as a spiritual movement (a universal desire for self-awareness, spiritual awakening, peace, love and harmony) rather than a religion.

Become the Force shows that it’s plausible that the Jedi-minded among us today might usher in a new spirituality and shift in global consciousness towards peace and harmony that is more powerful than any we can possibly imagine.

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