Your Soul Contract Decoded: Discover the Spiritual Map of Your Life with Numerology

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Hidden within your birth name is the key to understanding your purpose, discover this secret blueprint to your destiny.


Hidden within your birth name is a blueprint for life – a spiritual map of the destiny the universe intends for you. This book equips you to decode this blueprint through numerology – converting the sounds of your name into numbers and then interpreting the result. By means of a Soul Contract Reading you can empower yourself to overcome your challenges, build on your strengths, manifest your dreams and access your true life’s purpose: your ‘soul purpose’.

A Soul Contract Reading will tell you who you are and what your soul purpose is. The procedure is based on an amazingly accurate system of numerology, with its roots in antiquity. Names are converted into the sounds of 22 phonetic Hebrew letters, which are then converted into numbers within a diagram of the Star of David. This procedure will show you the karmic patterns you face, the talents you possess to overcome them, the goals you are designed to achieve – and, most importantly, your soul’s underlying mission. You will see your entire life in context – and for the first time will be able to navigate a clear path toward a future of self-fulfilment.

‘Nicolas David Ngan’s Your Soul Contract Decoded for me was comprehensive and profoundly affecting. It felt like a therapy session with someone who already knew all of my issues … We all have a sense that there has to be a reason why we’re here in the world; Nicolas’s insights allow you to stop wondering and start living that life purpose. I highly recommend his work.’
—Tania Ahsan, Editor, Kindred Spirit


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