Your Lunar Code: The Power of Moon and Sun Signs to Enhance Your Relationships, Work and Life

Astrology is the ultimate tool for self-discovery, empowerment and healing – learn to decode your sun signs and moon signs, and reveal the system for the life you desire.


Use astrology for a happier and healthier you.

Have you ever wondered why you react to certain situations the way you do? Or why your moods change so much from one day to the next? Or why you always gravitate to the same relationships?

Astrology expert Lori Reid shows you how together your sun and moon signs influence your daily life and help your path to self-discovery, empowerment and healing.

  • Discover your moon sign and unlock the feelings, ideals and fantasies that form your best self
  • Understand what your sun sign says about your personality, creative inspiration and inner power
  • Improve your relationships with your friends, family and partner by recognizing your traits, impulses, goals and needs
  • Predict the future with your newfound knowledge of your signs

Learn to trust the power of the signs and gain a deeper connection with your lunar code and, ultimately, yourself.

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