Yoga as Resistance: Equity and Inclusion On and Off the Mat

A powerful manifesto outlining the personal inner work and practical steps that yoga practitioners and studios need to take to move to true equity and inclusion – on the mat, and off.


Graham’s book is accessible and clear, offering readers an opportunity to learn and do better.Susanna Barkataki, author of Embrace Yoga’s Roots

This book’s mission is to empower yoga practitioners and professionals to align their practice on the mat with their lives off the mat. Yoga as Resistance outlines a dynamic programme of social justice reform within the yoga industry. The majority of teachers in North America and Europe are white, able-bodied and cisgender. What does that signal to people differently identified about their place in yoga? This book welcomes all to take part in questioning the status quo and learn how to move toward equity – and why it matters.

Seeking to inspire a whole community of radical change agents, Yoga as Resistance offers guidance to students, teachers, studio owners and brand managers, explaining how to practise self-enquiry, minimize harm and follow practical strategies for advancing social justice and racial equity. The overall message is inclusive and profoundly inspiring: if we truly want to practise yoga, we must all come together to do the work. As this work is often challenging, each chapter closes with a yoga or meditation practice or journaling activity to embody deeper understanding and help deal with any discomfort or issues that may arise.

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